Welcome to Caskey Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia.


Welcome to Caskey Torah Academy (CTA). This is an exciting time to be considering our school as we build upon our bold educational vision while completing a major capital project to beautify, enhance and modernize our facility.

We recognize when looking for a school, you are choosing a home for your family.   Just like finding a home, choosing a school that is best suited for your child/ren is a significant decision.

Caskey Torah Academy is an established Orthodox Jewish Day School, located in the heart of Wynnewood that is home to an Early Childhood Program and a Lower and Middle School educating 3-year-olds to eighth graders. It is a diverse, warm, and committed Jewish community that prides itself on Ahavat Yisrael (love of every Jew). Guided by our Blueprint for Inspired Learning, we are delivering a unique educational experience.

Our experienced and highly qualified faculty nurtures each child’s neshama, fosters social development and challenges each student to reach his or her full potential.  

Our leading-edge program of academic excellence promotes both the process and product of learning. A CTA education is a joyful and meaningful celebration of Torah and mitzvot,  immersing students in an environment that makes Jewish learning exciting. By combining the social-emotional development principles of Emotional Intelligence with Derech Eretz as a powerful framework for positive growth, we are forming the core of 21st-century Mensches. We support each student’s individual learning style and ability, bringing to life our belief that every child is unique. We reach the highest standards in Judaic and General studies and are proud of our students’ all around accomplishments, allowing them to graduate on to any orthodox high school of their families choice. Their success is our greatest achievement.

With over 50 years of success, we are forging visionary paths that will allow us to realize the promise of the next generation. We invite you to join us and see how our blueprint will inspire your child’s learning.