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Yehudeet Gore

Middle School Judaic Studies/Mechanechet/Programming
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Using her love for singing, TaNaCH, and the CTA value of the Morah-student relationship, Mrs. Yehudeet Gore, Director of Student Programs and Morah, touches the lives of the students that she teaches. Yehudeet was born and raised in Highland Park, New Jersey. She attended Stern College, where she received her BA in Judaic Studies and has her Master’s in School Administration and Supervision from Loyola University. She is also a certified Mechaneches through Torah U’mesorah and trained by NYU in “The Body Project.” Before joining the CTA staff, Yehudeet taught sixth grade Limudei Kodesh in Bnos Malka in Queens, New York and the Navi teacher and Chessed Director in HAFTR Middle School in Lawrence, New York. She loves the emphasis CTA puts on quality programming, always with a purpose and something to be gained. She is also proud to be a CTA parent.

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